Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss Pooja : u are a real singer then others

Name: jasspreet singh dhaliwal
Email Address: jaspreetdhaliwal1990@yahoo.com
Subject: u are a real singer then others
Message: she has a sweet voice and she sing from siol aod for soil
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Miss Pooja : pics

Name: Harvinder Singh
Email Address: harvindersinghk@yahoo.co.in
Subject: pics
Message: Good singer
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss Pooja : Biography

Name: Miss Pooja
Email Address: love@gmail.com
Subject: Biography
Message: The sweet Punjabi kudi next door is what we have seen Miss Pooja as throughout her amazing musical career. From her traditional Punjabi attire, long, silky hair, and understated accessories, Miss Pooja's simplicity has helped get the recognition for her talent that she deserves. Miss Pooja, otherwise known as Gurinder Kaur Kainth, grew up in Rajpura, Punjbai. From a young age she has been singing and dancing and knew that she wanted to pursue music professionally.

Receiving her Masters in Music, Miss Pooja was ready to take on the world. She started her career as a duet singer. Her discography goes on and on as she has now recorded somewhere near 500 songs with 70 unique artists. She has had the opportunity to work with Panjabi By Nature, DJ H and DJ Rags, Lehmber Hussainpuri just to name a few. Despite such a long list of duets and collaborations, Miss Pooja has stayed true to her Punjabi roots. She sings all her songs in Punjabi and her folk music style is a perfect fit for her high yet powerful voice.

Miss Pooja's success started in India and recently she has taken her career to England. Now she is collaborating with Bhangra artists there. Through her career, Miss Pooja has gone from being on songs that are played second on the list to top of the charts and dance floors across the globe.

It seems that 2009 is the year for Miss Pooja as she has been working on her solo album on Moviebox's Label. "Romantic Jatt" has been produced by some of the greatest Urban and Bhangra producers on the scene. Along with her forthcoming album, the sweet Miss Pooja from next door is changing her look to something more fun, young, and hip. Her once straight, long hair and traditional wardrobe have been swapped for fun curls, tight jeans, and funky accessories.

Her distinct voice and fun dance moves have captivated audiences. Miss Pooja has stolen the hearts of many and is an international Bhangra singer who has no plans on slowing down, in fact her career is in full swing and we can expect to see a lot more of this Punjabi beauty in the near future.
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Miss Pooja : This is my dream

Name: Gurpreet Singh Dhiman
Email Address: GippyDhiman545@ymail.com
Subject: This is my dream
Message: Hi Miss Pooja, how r u and howz ur family. I m ur big fan and i listen ur every song. Your VOCAL is very sweet. Pooja ji, i have a dream and i think my this dream will not become true. I think you r get laugh when you read my dream. My dream is, I want to see u in real and do handshake with you. Because i always see you in t.v or in snaps. Sorry to say,I think my this dream will remains still a dream till my last breath.
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Miss Pooja : your voice sweret

Name: chanchal Sharma
Email Address: ch.sharma565@yahoo.com
Subject: your voice sweret
Message: how r u
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Pooja : how r u

Name: sukha38wala
Email Address: sukha38wala@gmail.com
Subject: how r u
Message: helo pooja g ki hal chal hai sukhe bai walo tuhadi aun wali punjabi film chana sachimuchi waste bahut sariyan mubarkan may god bless u sucsees in every field. tuhad sukha bai 38 wala
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Miss Pooja : just say hello only

Name: Dinesh kumar
Email Address: dinesh.meghwal@gmail.com
Subject: just say hello only
Message: hdjsfcbxhsfdjdjhfcjdxh jkdxkhn kdjkxjccnzxuehr jdkncx
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miss Pooja : miss pooja _fans

Name: komal
Email Address: k-sarai@yahoo.com
Subject: miss pooja _fans
Message: hello we like your song . mostly when u dance .my whle family like you .all the best .1
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Miss Pooja : frendship

Name: mandeep sethi
Email Address: mandeepsethi11@yahoo.in
Subject: frendship
Message: hi pooja how r u?
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